M A R K    H E W K O   P H O T O

U P C O M I N G  S H O W S:
Photographs from the Arch Motel Project will travel across the United States till 2019

7.30.2016—10.9.2016 John E. Conner Museum, Kingsville, TX
10.29.2016—4.9.2017 City of Raleigh Museum, Raleigh, NC
4.29.2017—7.9.2017 South Carolina State Museum, Columbia, SC

P A S T   S H O W S:
4.30.2015—5.29.2015 The Gateway Project, Newark, NJ

2.7.2015—3.10.2015 Aicon Gallery, New York, NY

2.26.2014—8.25.2015 Smithsonian's NMNH, Washington DC